Nayabaru titles loosely correspond to jobs, though a Nayabaru with a particular title may share no specific chores in common with another Nayabaru with a particular title. Titles convey hierarchic information on two ways:

  • by granting the Nayabaru authority in the field that the title is responsible for, relative to people who do not have this title
  • in some cases by conveying rank, usually with the prefix Gan but sometimes (if rarely) simply by the title-associated actions being considered more important than those of another title

The following titles are canonical at this time:

Baskaat: A title for someone who extracts useful things from the ground (farmer or miner).

Darhal: A title for a scientist-engineer with knowledge in physics and chemistry.

Hesh: A title for a guard, warrior and/or policeman.

Karesejat: In singular use - a title for a supreme military leader (Havhesh) sharing judge-like qualities (a certain subset of duties carved out of the responsibilities of a Lashal, but barred from others).

Lashal: A title for something best described as a Nayabaru judge. Lashala are also those Nayabaru that apply tattoos to other Nayabaru, renew them, or remove them.

Marmo: An artisan.

Neese: A cartographer and the maintainer of traps laid out in the wilderness.

Seklushi: A title for a doctor-psychiatrist.

Yereso: A title for a veterinarian.