The Nayabaru have organised their society in a way best described as "anarcho-totalitarian". A young Nayabaru is soon assigned a role in society and given a title to go with it - Hesh for one expected to be police and military and a physical guardian of their community, Seklushi for a pharmacological scientist and psychologist, Lashal for a judge and arbitrator over the use of titles, Yereso for a veterinarian, and so on. Some Nayabaru reject bearing any title, which in many jurisdictions is on the same level as treason and met with hostility, though there's a strip of Nayabaru culture along the equatorial-facing coast of Asheenagiji that accept the practise.

Bearing a title involves getting a body tattoo and is a big commitment. If a Nayabaru breaks their commitment to the title, the tattoo is removed. The scar tissue serves as a warning to other Nayabaru not to trust the Nayabaru too much, even if they are given another title.

The various communities also have special tattoos to give to the Nayabaru that have fallen from grace - tattoos that if removed would still give a tell-tale scar pattern. 'Fallen from grace' usually means that the Nayabaru has killed another sapient creature in an act not obviously identified as accidental. The effect is complete ostracism. Nayabaru marked like this need to fend for themselves, or band together with other ostracised Nayabaru. Given the degenerates that the status attracts, this is a dangerous alliance, however.


Between Sinukaaj and Silukaaj are a few outcast villages, tiny as they tend to be. The area is a little notorious for housing criminals, and in consequence the 'legitimate' settlements are armed more heavily than they otherwise might be.