A year ago, the sky of Nekenalos still looked different. Then the sun disappeared, to the tune of unnatural winds. Two moons came and went. The weather baulked, so confused for weeks on end that the sparse vegetation between the twin deserts Sinukaaj and Silukaaj has taken damage. All is well again - but colours still look subtly different now.


Tarnish is a freeform IRC roleplaying game played on irc.darkmyst.org, based on the world of A Thread Between The Stars. It welcomes players of all styles, though requests that you keep its intended atmosphere of realism and tension in mind.

Channels are #dataclaw (OOC) and #tarnish (IC). It's encouraged that you also lurk in #freeform (OOC freeform community channel) and #rpg-hub (OOC network channel).

There are no set times for play, though weekends between 16:00 and 24:00 UTC will likely be the time most players are online and have time.

Your gamemasters and hosts are Rehchoortahn (Reh) and pinkgothic (Dread), who can answer any questions you might have about the world.


You've never heard about this setting before; no doubt it sounds daunting to you. That said, you need not worry too much about the details of the world. A Thread Between The Stars has more than 150k words, which is far more than would be polite to expect anyone to read for a game - so we don't. The game is designed with friendly cluelessness in mind.

While your characters inhabit the world that the story is ultimately about, they are far enough removed from the details of it that simply perusing the "world" page should be enough to guide you.

If you find yourself burning with curiosity about further details (perhaps you want to develop your character into a certain direction where added knowledge would be beneficial), your GMs are here to offer assistance.

Making a character

At the onset of Tarnish's initial campaign, player characters are expected to be kavkema. Exceptions are made for those who've read A Thread Between The Stars.

This means you need to create a character specifically for Tarnish - though again, GMs are happy to help if you're at a loss. Let us know what kind of characters (skillset or personality) you like playing and we'll help you design one!

You don't need to sheet the character, though it's encouraged - this way, others can refer to your character sheet when you're not there to get an idea what your character might be up to even if they're not part of the active scene.


Server: irc.darkmyst.org

OOC: #dataclaw

IC: #tarnish, #tsadamaem

GMs: Dread, Reh

Time: Any time, mostly Saturdays.