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[23:21] The landscape they were walking into became increasingly scraggy beyond the conifers, thinning them out. The rocks that became more dominant, decorated with bushes, were furrowed and split, forming treacherous ground – but it didn't look as though it could hide much of anything that could be dangerous to passerby.

But it could definitely hide things.

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[18:04] This sort of terrain was more familiar to kavkem than Nayabaru, which was to their advantage if they encountered Hesh. Unfortunately, that meant the Hesh may have experience laying traps within it, which boded ill. Asraaban had no idea how the Karesejat would handle it. Would her thin legs struggle to find purchase, or would having more of them compensate? He'd never actually SEEN her, so he had nothing to base any assumptions on, and that more than anything struck him as a concern.

"I know our enemy is large, but how much boulder does the Enemy require to hide behind?" he asked Evenatra quietly.


[22:22] Evenatra, stubbornly having maintained her leadership position on their tiny flock, nearly stopped mid-stride at the question, making it anything but subtle.

With a mildly alarmed confusion, as though she had been caught out by something not being common knowledge that she thought was common knowledge, she whispered back: "...realistically? None. From what I've seen and heard, both, she can hide in plain sight."

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[03:54] Oh. Wonderful. Camouflage. Just what a giant spider needed. Because of course the entire situation was not daunting enough.

Very well. If he could not reliably trust his eyes, he would... well. In truth, he would stick close to Evenatra, who had senses he lacked, and presumably could reliably spot the Enemy.