2020-09-12 18:49:01


[18:49] Gravity seemed no less confused as reality rained back into his perception like sand, but the cause coalesced quickly: He was draped across some creature's back, rested partly on his side and partly on his belly, his spine protesting against the perpetual strain.

Nadani's body lay partly across his own, her breath a constant rhythm against his hips. Nadani. She seemed awake, possibly trying to guard him, although their presence atop this steed suggested 'alive' should not necessarily be amended with 'and well'.

And then there was a different kavkem – not at all like the one that Asraaban had fought amongst the foliage, before the Nayabaru had brought him down, younger, yet full of a strange authority that seemed misplaced in the current context.

The waking motions caught the stranger's eye. A quiet stare settled on Asraaban, as though he waited to see what, if anything, the captive would do. Not that there was too much that could be done – both Asraaban's wrists and his ankles had been bound together, limiting his squirms to a subset.