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[02:27] The kavkema didn't need to be told twice to keep moving. It was so natural to them that it was hard to tell whether or not her request had even been parsed, or if they simply resumed doing what they did best – something described as nomadic culture at best, as perpetually fleeing at worst.

Now she had a better grasp of what they were fleeing from.

Had any of the others seen this creature, or was Samanta the first?

The Nayabaru of the settlement had certainly given a tame impression – not very talkative, oddly rigid, but giving the humans the space they needed. The Karesejat, by comparison, was a force of nature. It was easy to see that she must have been created – it seemed wholly unlikely evolution would make such a thing. At the very least, if there was a whole species of Karesejats out there, by the logic of competitive evolution, they would by now be effortlessly ruling the planet.

And still, there had to be a weakness to that thing. Standard Earth spiders could be disabled with a bit of crushing damage – but that was owed to their small size, not to their architecture. Perhaps whatever respiratory system had been installed in the arachnoid – for it surely needed one – could be turned against it?